Charcoal grilling maintains the food's genuine aroma

Modern man is fascinated by the way in which ancient hunters used to cook their food on an open fire. Charcoal grilling is an old, genuine method of preparing food that reminds us of our old hunting culture.

Grillit - Grillisti charcoal makes your cooking a success. It is made of pure, round, untreated deciduous trees - birch, alder, aspen and goat willow. The black, glossy charcoal obtained from these trees does not emit hazardous compounds when burnt. Grillit - Grillisti charcoal has a high caloric value, so the ember maintains its glow for a long time.

The charcoal is made of wood harvested and collected in compliance with the principles of sustainable development, with a view to saving the environment as much as possible. Obtained close to the production plant, the raw material can be transported without an excessive use of energy. The actual manufacturing process uses an up-to-date, energy-economic technology, and the waste heat generated in the process is utilised effectively.