Grillisti Birch Bark Tinder is an environment-friendly tinder for all types of fireplaces

Firewood burning in a fireplace creates that special kind of athmosphere, but wood can be used to heat wood-burning sauna stoves and baking ovens as well. Wood heating is also a smart back-up heating system in case the main heating system fails. Wood heating requires a special technique; with just a few handy tips you can make it more environment-friendly and also significantly increase the thermal value of firewood.

The correct way to burn firewood

Place the dry, split firewood in the fireplace with the barkside downwards. Put a few twirls of the Grillisti Birch Bark Tinder on top of the firewood and light the tinder. The burning tinder will gradually light the firewood underneath it. When the birch bark tinder burns it creates heat, and the firewood will start to release burning gases. As the gases rise they will participate in the burning process, instead of escaping unburnt. If cold split firewood is heated from underneath it will release gases but won't burn completely; this will create unwanted discharge, which is unfriendly to the environment. Lighting the firewood from the top is the preferred method in almost all fireplaces, as this will create less noxious discharge and both the fireplace and the chimney will remain considerably cleaner. Thermal value of the firewood is also greatly improved due to the efficient burning of the smoke gases from beginning on. An added bonus is that the fireplace will create less smoke, and the burning process is cleaner in all ways. Success is visible in the smoke rising from the chimney: smoke that turns pale, almost transparent and nearly odourless soon after lighting is a sign of healthy burning.

Lighting the barbecue with Grillisti Birch Bark Tinder

Briquettes can also be lighted using the Grillisti Birch Bark Tinder. Start by piling the charcoal on the bottom of the barbecue, then add a handful of tinder on top of the charcoal. Level the briquettes after lighting. When you use the Grillisti Birch Bark Tinder you can start cooking immediately when the temperature is right. Remember: if you are using lighting fluid instead of the Grillisti Birch Bark Tinder, wait until the embers are glowing and the lighting fluid has burned away completely before starting to cook.

The Grillisti Birch Bark Tinder is an environment-friendly product for all types of hearths, including fireplaces, sauna stoves and wood stoves; and it lights campfires and barbecues just as conveniently. The Grillisti Birch Bark Tinder is made of clean dried birch bark. One package will go a long way: just one 14 L pack is enough for 50 lighting sessions.