Barbecue Tips

Barbecuing is one of the pleasures of summer and offers you the perfect opportunity to enjoy the summer beautiful weather and delicious food. Use the Grillisti charcoal to prepare great meals for the whole family. It's easy and it's fun! But remember these tips to make your barbecuing experience even better:

- When using charcoal, follow the instructions on the Grillisti package. A grill, special frying pans and sheets of foil are a good help to use on the barbecue. A good pair of barbecue pliers and barbecue mittens will prevent you from getting burned. Check any well-stocked supermarket for additional facilities.
- Pick ingredients that are easy and quick to cook and have the right amount of fat in them; after all, a little fat will make the meat that much juicier. Easy-to-cook meats include for instance fillets of pork and beef, porkchops and fillets of chicken as well as chicken breast and legs. The meat should be in room temperature prior to cooking so that it won't cool the barbecue. Dry the surface of the meat, and apply barbecue sauce on meat cubes and skewers before and during barbecuing.

Sausages are another easy-cooking and delicious summer food. There are special types of sausage for those with special diets-and you can even find vegetarian sausages! Heat the sausages in packaging in warm water before placing them on the barbecue, thus ensuring that they are cooked evenly on the barbecue.

Barbecue is also good for grilling vegetables. Popular choices include potatoes, mushrooms, peppers, onions, tomatoes, corn and squash. Make special veggie skewers to complement the meat or as separeate delicious meals. And don't forget bread, which makes a lovely barbecuable.

- Barbecue the meat over high temperatures. Place the meat close to the embers until the surface is brown, then move it higher, approx. 10 - 15 cm from the embers. You can also place sausages on the barbecue or roast it in a stick over live fire!